Shellee Rae

since 1998

I am honored to work with people all over the world, supporting and guiding them during life's challenges and in the awakening process. Working together they often rediscover their sovereignty and autonomy that was masked by conditioned mind / conditioned world ideas.

As I point to learned beliefs and behaviors, redirecting them inward, they begin to feel the depths of being, experiencing more levity and joy! As they release baggage of the past (which hinders connection to inner guidance and wisdom) they realize that the one they've been longing for has been here all along.

We already possess everything it takes to wake up. Let's walk together ~ allow me to assist you in stripping away all that impedes access to your brilliance, the unlimited wisdom that's in alignment with your authentic self.

I've written an account of my awakening process in the book Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening. You may also benefit by reading other books I've written and the previously posted Awakening Tips. Sign up to receive a new one each month, a free gift to you.

We can work together one-on-one via Skype, the phone, or sitting together. I also hold workshop intensives across the country where we look deeply into ourselves, illuminating and releasing limiting beliefs, patterns, and unconsciousness. Awareness is the first step to dissolution.

You may be about to take a life-changing step or simply looking for some gentle guidance. I would be honored to assist you.

Blessings and Blissings,
~ shelleerae

Shellee Rae, author, "unTeacher," and healer, has been working with people and supporting them in the healing process since 1998. She became a Reiki Master in 1998 and over the next few years trained to the master level in many other energy modalities, and certified in numerous body-centered therapies. She also spent a month in India and became a deeksha giver in 2006. After many encounters with several spiritual paths, teachers, and healing methods, in 2008, her kundalini spontaneously awakened and months later she also experienced an embodied awakening. Since that time, she has written many books and has been guiding people in their own awakening process by gently pointing to the truth of who they are from the depths of her own realization.

"My Reiki session with Shellee Rae was a truly unforgettable experience. The moment she placed her hands next to my throat chakra I began to feel an intense energy being activated. A feeling of bliss began to slowly intensify until it felt as though I was ready to burst with love and gratitude. A big expansion happened that night and in the days since my session, I have come to realize Shellee's incredibly deep intuition enabled such an exquisite experience to take place. It's not often in this dance of life you meet someone with such inner clarity and beautiful presence like Shellee Rae." ~ Steve A., Portland, Maine
"Thank you so much for the powerful session. . .
Whew . . . it kinda blew my mind.
I'd like to do that again. . .

The spirit that comes through you . . .
It's Peace,
It's Love,
It's Connection,
It's Oneness,
. . .
It's Home.

It seems to be the same spirit that comes through me from time to time.
But you seem to have much more consistent/good connection/flow.

:) I'd forgotten what home feels like. :)"
~ Bob N., Ashland, OR


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